Magrané Laboratory

Of the Feil Family  Brain and Mind Research Institute
at ​​Weill Cornell Medical College​​

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  1. Giussepe Yanez
    Giussepe Yanez
    Research Technician
    I graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Biological Sciences, concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior. I was then a research technician in the Bratu Lab at Hunter College where we focused on viral vesicular trafficking in Drosophila. I have always been interested in translational medicine and connecting basic science research to more clinical applications. We have the opportunity to accomplish this with Dr. Magrané by studying FA mouse models. My ultimate goal is to attend medical school and eventually become a physician-scientist. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, trying new foods and dancing salsa.
  2. Niharika Desiraju
    Niharika Desiraju
    Research Intern
    I entered the field of research by working with Dr Magrané while a member of a Science Research program at my high school. These last three years have exposed me to the intricacies off carrying out research and formulating thoughts into effective experimentation. I've also developed a steadfast interest in translational research and neurobiology under Dr Magrané's astute tutelage. I look forward to continuing translational research in neuroscience during my undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins, continuing into a STEM-based profession. When I’m not nerding, I love traveling, Netflix, exercising, and devouring fried chicken.

[email protected]

[email protected]



Lab Alumni

Cristina Lao Peregrín. Postdoctoral fellow (2015-17)
Rebeca Valero Gils. Visiting Professor (2016)
Prenicia Gant. Undergraduate student, ACCESS Program (2015)
Irene Bolea. Postdoctoral fellow (2013-14)
Alex Gella. Visiting Post-doctoral fellow (2014)
Herenia Espitia Armenta. Undergraduate student, ACCESS Program (2014)
Jennifer Panger. Graduate student, Colgate University (2014)